History of Click Studios

Originally Click Studios was founded under the name of Visual Data Engineering in May 2000, and provided contracting services for software development for 4 years.

During this time we developed primarily web based solutions, hosted internally within the customer's network, in such industries as property management, gaming sector, hospitality, health & fitness, lottery and agriculture.

During these initial 4 years, we witnessed a large number of clients who adopted poor Passwordstate Management practices, such as storing passwords in unprotected spreadsheets, etc. From this realisation, we started to develop Passwordstate during March 2004.

History of Passwordstate

Passwordstate development started in March 2004, with the first official release available in August 2004. At which time, we renamed our company to Click Studios (SA) Pty Ltd. Since this time we have added many more features to Passwordstate, based on customer feedback, and significantly improved the security built into the product.


Click Studios is used by more then 75,000 IT Administrators, many being from Fortune 500 listed, ranging across multiple industries including - defence, banking & finance, aviation, education, utilities, retail, mining, automotive, service providers and IT Security integrators. Due to the nature of Passwordstate, majority of our customers prefer we don't name their companies publicly, which we understand and respect.