Passwordstate Download Checksums

To ensure the integrity of your Passwordstate downloads, please see relevant checksums below for the downloads available from our site, or Content Distribution Network (CDN).
Each of these checksums are generated using the SHA-256 Hashing Algorithm, and the download links below are for the latest build of Passwordstate.
To validate the checksums using PowerShell, you can use the following command: Get-FileHash -Algorithm SHA256

Passwordstate 9 (Build 9414)

- Passwordstate 9 Common Software Installation Process (CSIP) ( - D69D046E0902DC8B24F6B544F0ADBED46498FC4B5F9AD10773C2834F57EEA284

Passwordstate 8 (Build 8995)

- Passwordstate 8 Common Software Installation Process (CSIP) ( - B36D027FB4A1AB0CA2FD898AC002B63AD744B5F6D7AF440E14123457691DB7B6

Please refer to the following document for performing of upgrades, to determine if each of these Upgrade Files are required for your installation - Passwordstate Upgrade Instructions