Passwordstate 9 Change Log  (Version 8 Changelog)

Passwordstate 9.1 - Build 9117 (20th April 2021) Database Schema Updates in this Build

Updated Features

  • Added an option for SQL Server backups to not perform a DNS Lookup on the database server name if not required
  • Fixed an issue where the 'active' node for High Availability could have duplicated some processing by the Passwordstate Windows Service
  • Fixed an exception of 'Cannot bind argument to parameter String because it is an empty string' with the Remote Site Locaiton agent, for the Discovery Jobs
  • Fixed an issue where the URL icon on the Edit Password screen may have been unresponsive to a click
  • Fixed an issue where a notification might have been added for records in the Password Reset Queue, stating an active maintenance contract was required

Passwordstate 9.1 - Build 9112 (14th April 2021) Database Schema Updates in this Build

Updated Features

  • Added back the Push/Pull version of the Self Destruct Message web site as an option
  • Brute Force Login detection will now also be tracked against the UserID field for the user for the main Passwordstate UI
  • Added an option where Brute Force login can be temporarily disabled whilst troubleshooting X-Forwarded support on network devices
  • Added a configurable database setting for backups to change the impersonation method used for the backup account if required
  • Made some changes to Browser extensions to increase performance when clicking on the Browser Extension icon, and also fixed where on occasion more than one click was required on a record within the browser extension
  • When browsing to the web site for the App Server, it will now give you a 200 Status Okay page, instead of the previous 404 Page Not Found
  • Added additional checks to the backup "Test Permissions" process to ensure the linked password record was configured correctly
  • Fixed some issues on the Passwords Home screen, where 3 'Actions' menus for Search Passwords and Recent Passwords was causing an exception, or message about insufficient permissions
  • Fixed an issue where an automated clean-up process could have removed permissions from a folder that was configured with the Advanced Permission Model when it should not have
  • Fixed an issue with new installs of version 9 where a different Verification Policy could be used, when it was not selected
  • Fixed an error with the High Availbility In-Place upgrade feature where it may have raised an exception about the \upgrades\passwordstate\haupgrades folder not existing
  • Fixed an issue where password resets where not being processed in the queue when using the free version of Passwordstate

Passwordstate 9.1 - Build 9100 (29th March 2021)

Updated Features

  • Updated the PowerShell scripts for SQL Server backups to support SQL Aliases
  • Made further improvements to Browser Extensions for performance, and Save dialogs appearing when they should not have been
  • Added additional checks to ensure subsequent upgrades are not performed if a previously failure was detected
  • When uploading new images for Account Types, we now check to confirm the file name is not already in use
  • Added some additional debugging to the Backup Settings screen during testing of permissions, as well as the In-Place Upgrade screen for downloading new builds
  • Made some improvements to the backup setting screen when trying to search fo your backup account - it will now also search on your Domain, or Host Name
  • Added additional debugging if the test for sending of emails on the System Settings screen fails
  • Made improvements to the Oracle Password Reset script when not using a Privileged Account Credential to perform the reset
  • Updated the feature where the browser extensions could automatically clear the clipboard so the event is now triggered based on using the 'Copy to Clipboard' buttons
  • Fixed a bug upgrading to build 9000 where an exception of 'Subquery returned more than 1 value' if there where duplicate Account Types with the same name
  • Fixed an issue with new installs of Passwordstate where the SAML Verification Policy for the Password Reset Portal did not have auto-enrolment enabled
  • Fixed an issue with setting permissions when creating Password Lists under folders with Advanced Permissions model, where settings and permissions were based off a Template via a User Account Policy
  • Fixed an issue with the backups to import the SQLSERVER module rather than the SQLPS module
  • Fixed an issue with the Dependencies Discovery Job where it could have reported exceptions for "System.Threading.Tasks" when a Host could not be queried
  • Fixed an issue when applying individual permissions to a password record, where permissions to upper-level folders maybe have been added, when they were not meant to be
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to use the In-Place Upgrade feature for High Availability instances
  • Fixed an issue in the WinAPI when generating random passwords where it may have raised an exception for the phrase CapitalizedWordPhrases
  • Fixed an issue upgrading to version 9, if your High Availability Nodes were recorded in NetBIOS format, instead of FQDN
  • Fixed an issue where auditing records for the Mobile App may not have shown in the Recent Activity grid under the Passwords grid
  • Fixed an issue with the WinAPI where adding and updating password records would result in a 'No HTTP resource' error
  • Fixed an issue when creating Password Lists via API where it could set a Password List to block inheritance when it should not have been
  • Fixed an issue with the Test Permissions process for backups where it was checking if a Local Account, and remote SQL Server were being used, when the option to back up the database was deselected
  • Fixed an issue where an exception of converting varchar to datetime could have happened for the Self Destruct Message feature - both adding and deleting messages
  • Fixed an issue where the number of Discovery Threads on the System Settings page was not displaying the value saved in the database
  • Fixed issues with Oracle PowerShell scripts where an exception was raised about the Oracle components not being found
  • Fixed an issue with the browser extensions, which was allowing users to view a Password when they should not have been allowed to, based on the Hide Password settings for a Password List
  • Fixed In-Place Upgrades for App Server if it was installed on the same servers as Passwordstate

Passwordstate 9.0 - Build 9073 (11th March 2021)

Updated Features

  • Extended the expiry date, and number of views, for the Self Destruct Message feature
  • Improved error reporting on Mobile Apps for any issues pairing the App, or Logging into the App
  • Fixed a bug upgrading to version 9 where an exception of 'Subquery returned more than 1 value' if there where duplicate Account Types with the same name
  • Fixed an unhandled exception in the Mobile Apps when trying to authenticate if the offline cache days for the App was set to 30 days
  • Fixed an issue when backup of SQL Server database where it could have reported the requirement to 'Import-Module SQLPS'
  • Fixed issues for future upgrades where performing a backup just prior to upgrading was resulting in the ChilkatDotNet45.dll file not be able to be overwritten
  • Fixed a 'System.IndexOutOfRangeException' exception in the Windows Integrated API when trying to manage permissions on a Password List
  • Fixed an issue with scheduled and manual backups where it may have errored under certain conditions when trying to delete old backups

Passwordstate 9.0 - Build 9065 (10th March 2021) Database Schema Updates in this Build

Updated Features

  • Made the App Server's SSL Certificate Public Key for visible on the System Settings screen
  • Made some changes to the InPlace Upgrade feature to better validate a Windows Account it one was being used for the Backup and Upgrades account
  • Added additional upgrade logging to final process on the Upgrade Notification screen
  • Added additional checks to confirm the App Server installation instructions have been followed for configuring the web.config file
  • Added a check to ensure the Health Check Utility was run after upgrading to version 9
  • Made various improvements to the backup process, with additional error capturing
  • When using the free version of Passwordstate, it will no longer be possible to scan the QR Code to configure your phone for the Mobile App
  • Made some changes to resolve intermittent issues with query Active Users in Passwordstate
  • Emails for backups was not reporting the file names correctly
  • Fixed an issue upgrading to version 9 when using FIPS Encryption - error was "You must provide at least one secret share" when trying to join split secrets
  • Fixed an issue with the new SAML option for Password Reset Portal where it could not communicate back to the API after SAML authentication completed
  • Fixed and issue with the Move password record method in the API where a 'declare the scalar' exception was being raised
  • Fixed an issue with the App Server not polling correctly into the main User Interface, if the App Server web.config file was encrypted
  • Made changes to the Self Destruct Message web site so it would pick up branding changes immediately when made on the System Settings page
  • Fixed search functionality in Browser extension when users had more than 10 passwords saved for a website

Passwordstate 9.0 - Build 9050 (1st March 2021) Database Schema Updates in this Build

Updated Features

  • Updated the Host icons within the Hosts tab to provide per connection type icons
  • Deprecated the 'Reset to All Records' options for Grids in Passwordstate for how many records can be displayed at any one time, and limited the option when clicking on the Screen Options button
  • For features which send emails via the API's, we re-query email server settings prior to emails being sent
  • Added a new notification to Notification Centre to detect if Adblockers were enabled for the site - which can affect performance and functionality
  • Added new methods to the API's for adding Local Security Groups, and for adding/removing members from those security groups
  • Added new methods to the API's for adding User Accounts into Passwordstate
  • Added new methods to the API's returning and searching Security Groups
  • Renamed Operating System and Account Type of VMware ESX to VMware ESXi
  • Improved the scanning of OTP QR Codes to better detect invalid QR Codes
  • Improved the Brute Force IP Address lockout feature for the Mobile Apps
  • Updated Telerik UI for Xamarin to version 2021.1.119.1 for Mobile Apps
  • Updated Browser Extensions to use jQuery version 3.5.1
  • Made significant performance improvements to the re-encryption feature
  • Matches changes to the Browser Extension password update feature to better match on differences in URL values for the login URL, and the URL for the page where passwords are updated
  • Made changes to browser extensions to provide additional protection against HTML Injection attacks
  • Introduced additional time-based token access control mechanism for Native Mobile Apps
  • Made some changes to support the inverted question mark character in encrypted fields
  • Added a new notification to the Notification Centre, if the primary server's Windows Service did not poll back in the expected time frame
  • Renamed "All Passwords Report" to "Export all Passwords" on List Administrator Actions menu.
  • For the creation of the Passwordstate database, we now set the default collation to case insensitive
  • Updated Telerik ASP.NET Ajax Controls to version 2021.1.119
  • Added an email alert for Remote Site Locations to report if a site has not polled back in the specified time
  • Made some improvements to login screens to better handle sessions ending on the web server during the page sitting idle
  • Made changes to the execution of all PowerShell scripts to prevent logging in the Windows Event Log if detailed logging for PowerShell was enabled at the operating system level
  • Added additional options to the Password Generator Policies
  • Added functionality for In-Place Upgrade feature for the new Passwordstate App Server
  • Updated the Host icons within the Hosts tab to provide per connection type icons
  • Added a new System Setting to hide the menu 'Convert to Shared Password List' for Private Password Lists
  • Rename the label for the System Wide API Key to make it more obvious it is the System Wide key
  • Fixed an issue with the Add Password List Wizard where the password value for the Separate Password authentication may not have been copied from a template
  • Fixed an issue where a 404 page was displayed after using the Add Password List Wizard, where an authentication option was specified for the Password List
  • Fixed an issue where the Password List Guide was being copied from a Template or Password List, when selecting the Copy Settings options on the Edit Password List screen
  • Fixed an issue with the Linux Password Validation script where it was raising an exception about 'file not found' due to incorrect Chilkat assembly reference
  • Fix the error 'The application passed an empty string or NULL to UnlockComponent' when testing SSH based PowerShell scripts from the screen Administration -> PowerShell Scripts
  • Fixed an issue for the 'Adding Hosts into Folder' for Host Folders, where it was possible incorrect Hosts were automatically being added into folders
  • When adding a new password record, this was to be used for One-Time Passwords, the progress indicator was not showing on the screen after the QR Code was scanned
  • When editing the properties of a Password List, the options to copy permissions from a Template or Password List was disabled when the 'Disable Inheritance' option was selected
  • Fixed issue with the 'Save and Add Another' button for adding password records, where a One Time Password QR code was being added to the secondary password record when not explicitly specified
  • When adding members to a local security group, clicking on the Cancel button was giving you a page not found error
  • Incorrect error message displayed when adding in a "Windows" account into a password record, if no Privileged Account was assigned
  • Fixed a case sensitive matching issue on the Feature Access screen in the Admin area, which resulted in certain Add Folder/Password Lists menus being disabled
  • Fixed an issue where you could not create folders in the root of Passwords Home, when you had been given access to do so
  • Fixed an issue on the Feature Access screen where you may not have been returned to the correct tab after modifying permissions for a feature
  • Fixed an issue with the re-encryption process where it would get stuck re-encrypting the PasswordDocuments table
  • Propagating Permissions arrow was not showing on Host folders
  • Fixed an issue in the new API methods where blank API keys could have been used for retrieving Password Strength and Password Generator Policy data
  • Fixed and issue where Permalinks were not working unless you were first authenticated
  • Fixed an issue where user's need to also be given the Email Templates Security Admin role in order to get access to the Email Notification Groups menu in the Admin area
  • Fixed an issue where UI elements would disappear on the Add/Edit folder screen when clicking on the setting 'Disable Inheritance of any permissions from upper-level folders'
  • Fixed an issue with the Self Destruct web.config file which wasn't included in the Passwordstate Upgrade file

Passwordstate 9.0 - Build 9000 (11th January 2021) - Beta 1 Database Schema Updates in this Build

New Features

  • New native Mobile App available for iOS and Android
  • New Passwordstate App Server available for use with the Mobile App, Browser Extensions, and Self Destruct Site, for use when users are out of the office
  • Added a new method to the API(s) to trigger and Active Directory synchronization for user accounts and security groups
  • You can now Copy/Link/Move passwords via the API(s)
  • Added the ability to delete password record dependencies via the API(s)
  • One-Time Passwords can now be retrieved via both APIs if Password Lists and records are configured to use them
  • Added methods to both APIs for retrieving all Password Strength and Password Generator Policies
  • Browser Extension icon in the toolbar will now turn blue if the current web site has been added to the Ignored URL list
  • Browser Extension can now update passwords in Passwordstate when you change them on web sites
  • Password Lists which have the One-Time Password feature enabled, will now have the OTP progress and copy to clipboard functionality visible in the Password List grid
  • Bad Passwords and Have I been Pwned password checks can now be used in conjunction with each other on the Add/Edit Password screens
  • Browser based remote session gateway can now be configured to record and play back session recordings from a network share
  • You can now add in your own "Managed" account types, and configured password resets which are not related to a Host or Active Directory
  • Failed Brute Force login attempts will now be locked out via IP Address, requiring the block to be removed manually from the Administration screen
  • Folder and Password Lists can be configured to block inheritance of permissions from parent objects
  • Manual folder permissions on password folders has been deprecated and replaced by a combination of propagation, and blocking of inheritance
  • Provided search functionality on various screens in the Administration area to help quickly find various settings
  • Added SAML Authentication support as a Verification Policy for the Password Reset Portal
  • The Password Reset Schedule for records now have options for adding the number of Days or Months to the Expiry Date field after the reset has occurred
  • The 'Default Password Reset Schedule' setting on Password Lists can now be randomized between two time slots
  • Added multi-threaded support for Account and Windows Dependency Discovery Jobs
  • Added a "Keep Alive" page to allow for monitoring website and database availability
Updated Features
  • Ability to delete empty password lists in bulk can now be found under Administration -> Password Lists -> Perform Bulk Processing
  • Session recordings in the browser based launcher will now be marked as complete if the user either closes their tab or browser
  • Added more Operating Systems for account discovery, password resets and remote sessions
  • Backups have been improved where file and database backups can be stored in different locations, and backups zip files can be password protected
  • Browser Extension Fixes and Updates
  • Updated VNCViewer for the client based remote session launcher to version
  • Updated PuTTY for the client based remote session launcher to version 0.74
  • Added better error reporting if an OU for a Host Discovery Job no longer exists in Active Directory
  • Updated Telerik ASP.NET Ajax Controls to version 2020.3.1021.45
  • Added 256bit AES encryption option to password protected zip files for exports
  • The Mobile Client Web site has now been deprecated and replaced by the new Native App
  • Made improvements to session variable handling when using multiple tabs to access Passwordstate
  • Made performance improvements to the In-Place High Availability upgrade feature
  • SSH public/private key authentication now works with the Browser Based Gateway, when the gateway is installed separately from Passwordstate
  • Browser Extension Default Password Lists now show an option of --Please Select-- if a List has not yet been selected
  • Browser Extension will now show a new Ignored URL menu, where you can delete any personal Ignored URLs
  • Removed various words from the Word Dictionary for the Password Generator Policies
  • Host Properties section under the Host Dashboard now includes the "Tag" field data for the Host
  • Made improvements to the search feature to return better results if the search terms had a "_" in them
  • When using an active/active configuration for Passwordstate, the Windows Service on the 'Primary Server' will also now check on a schedule if any images/logos need to be written to disk, instead of just when the Windows Service starts
  • On the SAML screen which informs you the account does not exist in Passwordstate, a Logout button will be presented to allow you to log out of your SAML Provider - as long as a Logout URL has been configured in Passwordstate
  • An Exit button will always be visible now when using the Password Reset Portal, and redirect you to a screen instructing the user how to close their browser
  • The email sent for Email Temporary Pin Code can now be customized - both for core product and Password Reset Portal
  • Safenet and AuthAnvil Authentication options have been deprecated - use SAML Authentication for these providers instead
  • Added a check on the database upgrade screen to ensure the read-only Passive Node instance of Passwordstate could not attempt to upgrade the database
  • Updated all icons to a new look and feel
  • Background color branding has now been deprecated due to readability issues
  • Updated Standard API so API Keys can be used consistently across all API Methods
  • Self Destruct Message Web Site has been re-designed to work with active/active high availability setups, and can also be used with new Passwordstate App Server
  • Updated HtmlSanitizer assembly to version 5.0.319
  • Upgraded Passwordstate and all modules to use .NET Framework 4.7.2
  • The PassiveNode key in web.config files has been deprecated, and the 'roles' of your the Passwordstate web servers are now managed on the screen Administration -> Authorized Web Servers
  • With the option to disable user's accounts when they are no longer members of any AD Security Groups, this setting will no longer be overridden by any other enabled/disabled setting
  • Made improvements to redact API Keys from various screens if user did not have access to the 'Anonymous API Permissions' feature on the Feature Access screen
  • The option to nest Folders and Password Lists beneath other Password Lists has now been deprecated
  • The Restricted Feature for allowing the use of Multiple Open Tabs has now been deprecated
  • Consolidated High Availability Nodes menu in Administration area into Authorised Web Servers
  • Made some UI improvements to the main navigation menus and tabs
  • Updated to the latest SQLite DLLs for each appropriate module
  • Made some changes to PowerShell script for discovering Local Administrator accounts on Windows to improve performance
  • If a password is check-out for exclusive use in the UI, it will only be available in the browser extensions for use by the person who has checked it out
  • Now digitally signing core DLLs, in additional to various Windows Services already signed
  • Added additional Content Security header policies
  • With the update to .NET Framework 4.7.2, the combination of SAML Authentication and Permalinks now work again
  • Fixed a bug editing a User Account Policy if there was a System Setting set to hide Inbuilt Password List Templates
  • Fixed some issues when using the Passive High Availability instance of Passwordstate where some controls where enabled on the screen when they should have been disabled
  • Fixed an issue with expanding/collapsing navigation tree nodes if the user preference was set to collapse nodes by default
  • SSH Private Key authentication for the Browser Based Gateway was not working when launching a session directly from a password record
  • On the System Settings page for Password Reset Portal, the Exit Button URL was leaving a https:// value behind when trying to clear the field
  • In the browser extension, the Default Password List may not be selected correctly when navigating around the menus in the extension
  • Fixed an issue with the Local Admin account discovery job where it could return a null user if a Security Group name was specified which did not exist