Remote Session Launchers

Passwordstate has two first-in-class Remote Access Solutions for authorized users, with the following features:

Browser Based Launcher
  • Runs from within your Browser - can be used on all Operating Systems
  • RDP & SSH Sessions
  • All sessions are initiated (proxied) from the Passwordstate web server
  • Session Recording and Playback
  • No plugins or agents required on remote hosts
Client Based Launcher
  • Requires Client Install - Windows Operating Systems only
  • RDP, SSH, Telnet, VNC, SQL and Teamviewer Sessions
  • All sessions are initiated from the user's PC
  • No Session Recording
  • No plugins or agents required on remote hosts
With the use of the Remote Session Credentials feature, you can be automatically authenticating to remote hosts, without the manual need for specifying your authentication credentials. The feature can also be configured so contractors or vendors can be authenticatiing to hosts, without knowing the authenticating password.

Encrypted Authentication Credentials

As login credentials are retrieved from Passwordstate, they are first encrypted, then sent to the Remote Session Launcher utility/gateway, where they are decrypted and passed to the remote client for execution. End-to-end encryption ensures your sensitive authentication credentials are well protected.

Session Recording and Auditing

Using the browser based launcher, you can specify which users remote sessions should be recorded, to help with:

All Remote Session connections are also audited, so at any time you can report on who launched the Remote Session, to which Host, from what IP Address, and using which specific authentication credentials.

Browser Based Launcher Video Client Based Launcher Video