Incident Management Advisory
Click Studios has an established Incident Management Plan that is used in the event of major incidents affecting Passwordstate’s operation.

As part of the Incident Management Process, Click Studios will provide regular updates detailing the best known information available at that point in time. These advisories are the only authorized updates for existing and potential customers, media and other parties. By publishing these advisories, representing the single source of truth, Technical Support Team members, developers and Pre-Sales staff can focus solely on assisting customers with the major incident.

Please be aware that emails to Sales or Support, requesting additional information, will be replied to with a standard response directing the requestor to this Advisory page. Please understand, if Click Studios invokes the Incident Management Plan, our number one priority is working with our customers to identify if they have been affected and advising them of required remedial actions.

We recommend any interested party periodically check this advisories page for the latest updates.